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SOSEhost is our curated rental program that offers subsidized space, equipment and staffing to other progressive theater artists. Through SOSEhost we foster and support like-minded artists who are making bold choices and forging new ground in their work.

SOSEhost provides:

  • Space with no upfront rental fees
  • Included tech rehearsal hours
  • Discounted rate for rehearsals
  • Computerized lighting and sound equipment (inventory downloads below)
  • Box office staffing
  • Web presence on the SOSE site
  • Marketing support with other SOSEhost events


Each SOSEhost collaboration is selected through the following application process. If you would like to submit a project for consideration, please follow the instructions below:

Copy/paste the following questions into an email. Insert your answers to these questions into the email and attach any files requested. Submit the email to: info@sonofsemele.org.




1. Artist/Organization Background (1 paragraph):
2. Project Description (1 paragraph):
3. Cast size:
4. Technical needs:
5. Proposed performance dates (list 3 or more options):
6. Ideal number of performances (minimum 6):
7. Anything else we should know:

1. Script, if one exists
2. Resumes of key artists
3. Images of past work
4. Link to video of past work (optional, but encouraged)



Lighting Inventory
Sound Inventory
Renter/Partner Checklist
Facility Closing Procedures

Strike Instructions:

Please be complete with your strike. Refer to your contract for specifics on what you are required to do. Thank you.

Here are some things which might not be in your contract, but you should obviously do anyway:

  • Categorize lights on risers so it is easy to count similar fixtures.
  • Stack chairs in back row. Armed chairs DO NOT stack with armless chairs. Make separate stacks.
  • Paint all scuff marks flat black. Spackle all holes and paint flat black. *** Even if you don't paint the theater for your set, I guarantee you that your show caused scuff marks on the floor and possibly to the walls. Please paint the space back to perfection.
  • Make sure plastic bins for lighting supplies have the correct contents. I recommend leaving them open on the stage until after the walk-through with a SOSE tech. It saves you time with juggling around all the equipment and it saves us all time during the walk-through when we check the inventory. Thanks.
  • Go through Booth, Bathroom and Dressing Room to clear odds/ends and any forgotten-about items. Often the Booth is the area that is the most neglected in terms of trash and clutter.
  • If you arranged the booth to your needs, PLEASE restore it the way you found it. That includes untangling cables so they lay nicely out of the way of feet and so that items can be removed from booth easily (not caught up in a mess).
  • Sweep and mop. We have brooms and a mop for you to use. There is a hose outside our front door which you can use to fill the bucket. Afterward, please dispose dirty water into sidewalk gutter.
  • Look in fridge and under risers for any leftover concessions or paperwork.