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This is the easiest and most effective way to support SOSE. We call these people our Lifeline Supporters! These donors enjoy the added benefit of invitations to Lifeline Supporter Events which include peeks into our process and parties with the company.

Thank you to the generous individuals, businesses and organizations that have supported SOSE over the years.

Read on for a list of our heros! If you would like to speak to us about the benefits of giving to SOSE or if you just have a question, click here to send us a message.

2009 Donors

as of 1/01/10

Dionysus ($2,500 and up)

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission
The City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs
The California Story Fund through the California Endowment for the Humanities

Semele ($1,000 - $2,499)

Kristen Carmi
Joan Clemmons
Edgar Landa
Matthew McCray
Michael Nehring

Zeus ($500 - $999)

Pamela Ezell
John Kallir
Anthony Powell
William Charron

Dieties ($250 - $499)

Laura Carson
Chris McCray

Prophets ($100 - $249)

Julie Anderson
Editha G. Cabreros
Ellen Cockrill
Salie & Pat Cockrill
Michael & Tracy Cockrill
Gary L. Cosimini
Joseph & Lily Gabriel
Andrew Hawley
Jane Kallir
Mayra Marchington
Robert S. Morris
Nata Oberg
Iris Osumi
Lois Plaag & Sam Rosales
Brian Smith
Jeannette White

Mortals (up to $99)

Malik Adduni, Jeffrey Almeida, Shirley Anderson, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Katherine Atkinson, Christine Avila, Robert Babish, Hildegard Bachert, Christin Baker, Heidi Bauer, Susan Behler, Brent Blair, Harry Blumenthal, Matthew Bombeck, Doris T. Brennan, Stephen Bridgewater, Frances Brocato, Juliette Carillo, Christopher Cole, Lauren Coles, Michael Colleary, Marc Comstock, Gregg Daniel, Shelly Diaz, Lisa Dring, Paul Etheredge, Mark Fairfield, Emily Fletcher, Gerald Freedman, Eileen Galindo, Jeff Gardner (Memorial Dedication on behalf of Norman Cohen), Ruth Getzoff, Raul Granados, Sachi & Kavi, Jeffrey Hagen, Natalie Hall, Sharon Jaffe, Michael Kass, Katie Kennedy, Steven Klein, Janet Kramer, Lizeth Landa, Rafael Landa, Jordan Liddle, Lori Lee Lown, Linda & Ronald Lundquist, Michael MacDonald, Marianne McGarrity, Joseph C. McKenzie, Christopher Meindl, Nancy Meres, Natsuko Ohama, Bruno Oliver, Linda Palmer, Esther Pan, Juan Parada, Rick Perez (in Memory of Robert F. Alvarez of Orlando, Florida), Jared Pfennigwerth, Cecelia Pleasants, Ann Podlozny, April Rabanera, Tonya Radcliffe Lovell, Diane Sabatini, Brian Schneider, Mark Seldis, Zachary Shumaker, Michelle Silver (on behalf of Baby Karmi), Ray Simmons, Luke Sommer, Jason Spiegel-Grote, Diane Steed, Amy Susdorf, Rob Sweedler, Matt Wells, Justin Wheeler, Tessa White, Carol Williams, Peter Wittrock, Mark Woollett, Christina Wright, Robyn Yakaitis, Mary Yoder, Jean Yoshii, Heidi Yudis, Kristin Zavorska (on behalf of Susan Eda Boughton who adored her niece, Sarah)

2008 Donors

Dionysus ($2,500 and up)

The City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs
Ensemble Studio Theatre / Alfred P. Sloan Foundation In Science & Technology
The Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Semele ($1,000 - $2,499)

Joan Clemmons (in Memory of Stuart Clemmons)

Zeus ($500 - $999)

William Charron
Dino Parks & Julie M. Anderson

Dieties ($250 - $499)

Diane Boughton
Dick & Mary Beth Gemperle
John & Joyce Kallir
Chris McCray
Anna L. Petersen
Ronald & Sue Poulson
Heather & Herb Rim

Prophets ($100 - $249)

Sharon K. Bonavoglia
Ed & Sharon Busch
Mr. & Mrs. Angel Cabreros
Dr. & Mrs. Carmi
James E. Carson
Laura Carson
Pat & Salie Cockrill
Mark Fairfield
Mr. & Mrs. Fields
Lily & Joseph Gabriel
Daniel Getzoff
Jane Kallir
James McCray
Tina & Ray Paolantonio
Lios Plaag
Mr. & Mrs. Sid Rudolph
Mike Webb & Brian Roskam
Victoria Tessier
Hal Williams
Paul Wong
Kristin Zavorska (in Memory of Susan Eda Boughton)

Mortals (up to $99)

Beverly J. Austin
Marc Austin
Hildegard Bachert
Colleen Finegan Bailey
Brian & Linda Baldini
Kelli Bielma (in Memory of John Altieri)
Jack W. & Doris T. Brennan
Debbie Carrington
Larry Coven
Michael Edwin
Larry Elpiner
Jamie Fox
Eileen Galindo
Jeff Gardner (in Memory of Norman Cohen)
Sandy Hansen
Isaac Ho
Steven Klein
Matthew Maguire
Joseph C. McKenzie
Johanna McKay
Natsuko Ohama
Emily Rabin
Michael Ross
Tony & Lucy Simotes
Tim Sullens
V. Dale Thurston
Les Trobman
Justin Wheeler
Peter Wittrock

2007 Donors

Kristin Anderson, Robert Babish, Dawn Barnes, Sheila Barnes, Mary Ann Barnes, Hillary Bauman, Vic Bernardino, Jack W. & Doris T. Brennan, John & Pam Bryant, Rachel Bryant, Sharon & Ed Busch, Editha G. Cabreros, Cafe Back Door, Ronen Carmi, Shlomo & Rachel Carmi, Debbie Lee Carrington, Yvette Choy, The City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs, Tegan Cohan, Dana Colwell, Marc H. Comstock, Virginia Desmond, Dink Edwards, Grace Feigh, Natalie Getzoff, Sandra R. Hansen, Jennifer Harris, Dawn Hillman, Owen Ingkavet, Erika Jeschke, Jane K. Kallir, John Kallir, Steven M. Klein, Sarah Lackie, James McCray, Matthew McCray, Amber Mellott, Alison Mezey, Michael Nehring, Dino Parks, Efia Pearson, Lois Plaag, Ron & Sue Poulson, S. Quinn, Daniel D. Saldivar, Paul & Phyllis Sgro, Victoria Tessier, Jim & Nancy Usui, Duyet C. Vo, Paul Wong

2006 Donors

Eleanor Allen, Shirley Anderson, Anonymous, Anonymous, Brian Phillip Baldini, Anita Bloom, Sarah Boughton, John and Dorris Brennan, Daniel and Sandy Burkhead, Ed and Sharon Busch, Tegan Ashton Cohan, Michael Collins, Anita Geiger, John Glore, The Gutierrez Family, Judy and Bill Hinderliter, Sharon and Yoram Jaffe, Christine McCray, James McCray, Ravi Narasimhan, Tina and Ray Paolantonio, Janine Perron, Anna Petersen, Lois Plaag and Sam Rosales, Ronald and Sue Poulson, Jerry and Kristi Schmitt, Phyllis and Paul Sgro, Grace Steed, John and Suzanne Steed, Lisa Tharps

2005 Donors

Eleanor Allen, Hillary Bauman, Don Boughton, John and Dorris Brennan, Daniel and Sandy Burkhead, Ed and Sharon Busch, Angel Cabreros, Hahn Cho, Anita I. Corngold, Larry Coven, Robert M. Donahue, Kerry English, Donald and Nancy Enright, Pamela Ezell, Jennie Fahn, John Glore, Jamie Hebert, Ryan Johnston, Lira Kellerman, Steven Klein, Christine McCray, James McCray, Matthew McCray, Doug and Jene Meece, Nora Carol Menzies, Henry Ong, Esther Pan, Tina and Ray Paolantonio, Barbara Passolt, Janine Perron, Anna Petersen, Lois Plaag and Sam Rosales, Andi Poch, Ronald and Sue Poulson, David K. Rogers, Jerry and Kristi Schmitt, Phyllis and Paul Sgro, Brian Smith, Michelle Trinh, Bonnie Walker, Peter Westenhofer, Myron Yeager and Brad Smith, Heidi Yudis

2004 Donors

John and Dorris Brennan, Ed and Sharon Busch, Robert and Susan Chandler, Stuart and Joan Clemmons, Clair Donahue, Robert M. Donahue, Tony Fiore, Anonymous, Ryan Johnston, Alberto and Lori Justiniano, Bruce Katzman, Steven Klein, Dennis Levitt, Belinda Ma, Christine McCray, Ronald and Sue Poulson, JoAnn Spickelmier, Wells Fargo Bank, Myron Yeager and Brad Smith

2003 Donors

Martin Allaire, Brian and Linda Baldini, Dawn Barnes, John and Dorris Brennan, Kristen Brennan, Anonymous, Ed and Sharon Busch, Stuart and Joan Clemmons, Karen and Bob Climo, Amy DeBourget, Tony Fiore, Patricia Hunter, Shannon Johnson, Christine McCray, James McCray, Matthew McCray, Melinda McNeely, Michael Nehring, Lenae Raspa, Phyllis and Paul Sgro, Heidi Yudis