Created by Son of Semele Ensemble & The Rogue Artists Ensemble

Comprised of a series of short vignettes set to original music, HYPERBOLE: epiphany explores life's ordinary moments of birth, adolescence, death, love, faith and chaos in extraordinary ways. The stories of epiphany are brought to life with music, stylized movement, digital video, theatrical effects and the use of over fifty puppets and masks. The HYPERBOLE series is self-described by the Rogues as "hyper-theater," more akin in style to a live music video than to a play. The more than 20 songs featured in HYPERBOLE: epiphany, selected from over forty local musicians and music groups, is an eclectic mix that ranges in style from originally composed chamber orchestra pieces, to rock, punk and the wildly experimental. The music serves to score each storyline and drive the plot of each mini-play. HYPERBOLE: epiphany will feature music written and recorded by many LA artists including The Ditty Bops, Jack Irons, Run Run Run and Ben Phelps (a featured percussionist at Disney Concert Hall).

Production Staff

Additional Direction by

Production Designers

Puppet & Mask Design

Scenic Designer
Costume Designers

Sound Designers

Graphic/Video Designer
Lighting Designer
Assistant Lighting Designer
Production Manager
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Sean T. Cawelti
Kristine Aubert
Barbara Kallir
Adam Simon
Miles Taber
Pat Rubio
Sean T. Cawelti
Sean T. Cawelti
Pat Rubio
Kristine Aubert
Barbara Kallir
Adam Simon
Miles Taber
& the Rogues
Lindsey Gassaway
Kerry Hennessy
Jenny Owings
Megan Owings
Lindsey Gassaway
Tyler Stamets
Patrick Heyn
Mel Domingo
Lindsey Suits
Ryan Maes
Janelle Eagle
Rob Schow


(in alphabetical order)

Mauri Bernstein, Linda Borini, Misha Bouvion, Christopher Cole, Matthew Hilliard, Beth Hinderliter, Michelle Ingkavet*, Eric La Barr, Kirsten Long, Ben Maughan, Cari Turley

*Members of Actor's Equity Association

Featuring the music of

Sean Cawelti & Tyler Stamets
Jeff Daschbach
The Ditty Bops
John Elliot
The Hungry Ghost
Andrew Ingkavet
Jack Irons
Julian Tulip's Licorice
Mark Macminn
Chris Merritt
Ben Phelps
Jose Promis
Rise of the Speedmen
Run Run Run
Truck Bitch
The Stanley Lucas Revolution
Two Sheds
Mike Vasas

Production Photos

HYPERBOLE epiphany (HYPERBOLE - epiphany One.jpg, 2066 x 1376, 900.8K)
Disturbances (Disturbances.jpg, 2856 x 1904, 2.56M)
Too Much Love (Too Much Love.jpg, 1522 x 2282, 1.81M)
The Senseless (The Senseless.jpg, 1522 x 2282, 898.3K)
The Wild Abyss (The Wild Abyss.jpg, 1024 x 683, 436.7K)
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Blog Entries & News

enjoyed HYPERBOLE: epiphany!

Saw HYPERBOLE: epihany yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it. I came with my wife and daughter and they enjoyed it as well. Barbara - nice job with the hands and torso acting in "Boy Meets Girl" - one of our favorites of the afternoon and to Michelle Ingkavet's acting work, too! It was one of my best experiences watching mask work.

The use of music was effective and added emotional texture to the pieces.

Backstage with "Hyperbole: epiphany"


meechu's photos tagged with HYPERBOLE:epiphany More of meechu's photos tagged with HYPERBOLE:epiphany

It's half-way through our mere 12-show run and this 11-member cast has been enjoying some great backstage moments. Being the only SOSE member in this cast, (plus 2 core-team directors from SOSE) at first it was just like being in any ol' cast of a show where performers from various backgrounds come together. There were various talents and strengths, personalities and levels of experience. Plus, it was a bit displacing for us to rehearse for the first three weeks all the way down in Santa Ana. (Son of Semele was still being utilized by "The Mysteries" back when we started rehearsals.) But since we moved up to Son of Semele and opened two weeks ago, the production has really come a long way. I am very proud of this unique show. Even though I am the only official SOSE member in the cast, I feel that as "representatives" of Son of Semele/Rogue Artists, the professional cast of "Hyperbole: epiphany" has come together to produce a wonderful evening of art. With two more weekends to go, the epiphanies are still arising...

LA Times reviews HYPERBOLE: epiphany

The LA Times reviewed HYPERBOLE: epiphany in the August 19 issue. Here's the review:

Theater Beat

Refreshing whimsy short of epiphany

A collaboration of two local theater groups, the Rogue Artists Ensemble and the Son of Semele Ensemble, the multimedia performance piece "HYPERBOLE: epiphany" is a bit more memorable for its effort than its effectiveness. Still, it makes a pleasing impression, in part because the artists involved wear their ambitious aesthetic aspirations with such hopeful exuberance.

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SoCal.com review of HYPERBOLE: epiphany

On August 18, SoCal.com reviewed HYPERBOLE: epiphany. Here's the review:

Sergio Martinez

[link to review on SoCal.com]

Few shows poke the mind in so many directions. Few events combine the rare –and sometimes opposite- mediums that these ensembles mix in their routines. I for one, believe their show deserves to sell out and think it will (I attended the opening night and some people weren't able to go in). Considering all the characteristics of their performance and technical know-how behind it, these two ensembles might be into [sic] something rather new.

Read the rest of the review here.

LA Weekly review of HYPERBOLE: epiphany

LA Weekly reviewed HYPERBOLE: epiphany in the August 18 issue. Here's the review:

Martin Hernandez

[link to review on LA Weekly]

Utilizing puppetry, masks, digital video and animation, movement and original music, these 18 quirky vignettes abound in youthful humor and experimentation. Co-directed by Sean T. Cawelti, Kristine Aubert, Barbara Kallir, Miles Taber and Adam Simon, the show, however, mostly trips on its own precocity. When focusing on character and story development, as in "The Mysterious Adventures of Johnny Crumb" (a tale about an angst-ridden adolescent), the results are enchanting.

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