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Join us in creating great theatre. Our donors play a vital role in keeping the doors open!

Son of Semele Ensemble has been acknowledged in national publications as a theatrical force to be reckoned with, and locally SoSE has garnered acclaim and critical praise for cutting edge work. We produce beautiful and elaborate productions. We pay our artists and designers. Through SoSE Host and our two festivals we open our theatre to fellow artists who also push the envelope. And we are always challenging ourselves to produce ever more innovative and powerful works.

Theatre like this requires outside support.

About 40% of our income is from ticket sales. The rest has to be raised from donors and grants. That is why we turn to you. Your generous support helps us keep the lights on, both figuratively and literally!

There Are Three Ways To Donate


Make a one-time donation through our website. You'll receive a letter acknowledging your tax-deductible donation, which you can print and keep for tax purposes.


Automated monthly, quarterly or annual donations. (In 2015 we started the 15 in 15 Campaign to encourage $15 donations monthly. Can you give $15 monthly in 2015?) You'll receive a letter acknowledging your tax-deductible donation, which you can print and keep for tax purposes.


Mail a check made out to Son of Semele Ensemble, along with a printed donation form (downloadable here). You'll receive a letter acknowledging your tax-deductible donation, which you can print and keep for tax purposes.


Here Are Our 2014 Heros!

Donors since 1/1/2014

DIONYSUS CIRCLE ($2,500+): City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles County Arts Commission

SEMELE CIRCLE ($1000 – $2,499): Matthew McCray, Myron Yeager & Brad Smith, Sara Vagliano

ZEUS CIRCLE ($500 - $999): Kristen Carmi, John Kallir, Anonymous

DIETY CIRCLE ($250 - $499): Jeffrey Almeida, Hilletje Bashew, Susan Bell, Melina Bielefelt, Don and Diane Boughton, Tom Jacobson and Ramone Munoz, Gabriel Liebeskind, Chris McCray, Patrick Morris, Melissa Randel, Paula Rebelo, Alex Wells

PROPHET CIRCLE ($100 - $249): Jeffery Atik, Hildegard Bachert, Matt Bombeck, Dave Buckingham, Schlomo & Rachel Carmi, Gary Cosimini, Laura Duncan, Mark Fairfield, John Flynn and Ann Bronston, Danny Getzoff, Terry Jones, Christopher Kahle, Jane Kallir, Anonymous, Steve Lemon, Chris Meindl, Myron Meisel, Tyece S. Okamura, Ray Paolantonio, David Poe, Hollister Rand, Ron Rasmussen, Jack Rosenberg, Michael Seel, Hal Soper, Scott Sternberg, David Twohy, Anonymous, Anonymous, Gabe Wolosky, Paul Wong, Tomm Wells & Buddy

MORTALS CIRCLE (up to $99): Jamal Abercrombia, Akiko Aizawa, Tamara Alleman, Julie Anderson & Dino Parks, Richard Azurdia, Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, Anastasia Barnes, Emma, Barrow, Anonymous, Sean Benton, Alexander Benzer, Eva Berges, Deborah Bird, Kevin & Mindy Brennan, Andrea Ciannavei, Pat Cockrill, Melissa Coleman-Reed, Marlon Correa, Jill Usui Datwyler, Erica Dawson, Anonymous, Lisa Fisher, Maile Flanagan, Amelie Freedman, Arye Gross, Oriana Havlicek, Mark Hein, Monica Houweling, Maureen Huskey, Anonymous, Erith Jaffe-Berg, Alison Keating, Ari E. Lacenski, Jonathan Lee, Alice Mangan, Scott Marden, Michael Meade, Joe Metzger, Joel Mintz, Olivia Mitton, Patrick O'Connor, Pamela L. Jones, Jill Patrick, Ellen Reid, Ian Richardson, Morris Rosenberg, Juan San Roman, Anonymous, Adam Seligman, Amanda Jane Shank, Linda Shima-Tsuno, Ray Simmons, Ashley Steed, Anonymous, Joseph Thomas, Mandy Turpin, Jim & Nancy Usui, Lisa Volk, David Walsh, Anonymous, Malcolm Williams, Anonymous, Leonard Wolff

The Benefits Of Giving

Here is an outline of the benefits of giving and links to take the leap and become a donor:

Mortals Circle
(under $99)

Benefits: Our heartfelt thanks and recognition on our website.

Prophets & Dieties Circles

Benefits: What’s above, plus recognition in printed playbills, invitations to special events and a complimentary ticket to one SoSE opening and gala.

Zeus & Semele Circles
($500 and up)

Benefits: What’s above, plus complimentary drinks at the concessions stand and an additional complimentary ticket to a SoSE opening and gala.

Pay An Invoice


To pay an amount-due online, simply send money via Paypal. Please indicate in the notes of your payment, what the payment is for.